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Frequently Asked Questions

We intimately understand that every individual is different, and therefore, so is your skin here are some faqs to clear your doubts.

There are a few different skin types: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Knowing what type of skin you have is important as you can choose the best products and treatments to maintain healthy and glowing skin. To determine the exact skin type you have, we perform a skin analysis using our high-tech machines.

Darker skin produces more melanin, but that only protects you up to a point. Dark skin can get sunburned and develop skin cancer. A good UV sunscreen is essential for all skin types.

There could be a few reasons why your skin is dry or oily. Genetics is a big reason for your skin type. The other contributing factor is hydration. You need to drink plenty of water to help your skin stay healthy and balanced.

Topical application of lotion/moisturizer also helps combat superficial dryness. We recommend that you discuss the appropriate products to use with your doctor.

Both lemons and limes contain ingredients that are used in some skin care products; however, there has been an increase in the abuse of these fruits in topical applications. We do not encourage the use of products on the skin without regulation by the relevant agencies.

After finishing the treatments, most patients do not see hair on the treated skin for several months or even years. When the hair grows back, it tends to be less. The hairs also tend to be finer and lighter in color. To keep the area free of hair, a patient may need maintenance laser treatments from time to time.